Summer Assignments

SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS: Summer assignments provide a head start for fall learning and help students retain skills and knowledge gained the previous year. Teachers have distributed materials and/or spoken with students in the following classes with summer assignments: all English classes, Spanish 2/3/4, AP Biology, AP Calculus,  AP Chemistry, AP European History, AP Government , and AP U.S. History.


All English Classes:

  1. AP Literature Course Materials and Summer Reading (Students must use the following editions of the titles listed below. It is imperative that the editions are as listed: this will ensure continuity in our textual citations and continuity in our discussions.)
  2. English Department Summer Reading Assignment: For All Non-AP English Students 
  3. AP Language Summer Reading Assignment

Reading Competition Link - Studennts need to scroll down to the comments section and post your response.


Spanish 3 and Spanish 4:

   1. Spanish 3 Assignment
   2. Spanish 4 Assignment


AP Biology: 

Students in AP Biology are required to read the first three chapters of the text and complete the assignments as directed on the link below:

AP Biology Assignment


AP Calculus: AP Calculus students received a summer packet that. The google classroom code is k7qlki

  1. AP Calculus Package
  2. AP Calculus Solution Page


AP European History:

AP European Hisory students received handouts and a take-home test on Chapter 1. Students should answer the ODD numbered questionson the test. Vocabulary and short answer questions numbers 71, 73, 75, 77 and 79 should be written on a separate sheet of paper.

  1. AP European History Assignment (The entire assignment is due on the first day of school!)


AP Government: In order to prepare for the upcoming semester of AP Government, students are asked to complete the following assignment:

  1. Read and Outline the first three chapters of the text: American Government Roots and Reform and outline those chapters. Outlines should be handwritten.
  2. Students MUST also learn the 27 Amendments to the Constitution.
  3. AP Government Assignment 


AP U.S. History: Students in AP U.S. History must complete the following assignment prior to the start of school:

  1. AP U.S. History students need to read and outline Chapters 1 and 2 over the summer.