Summer Assignments

SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS: Summer assignments provide a head start for fall learning and help students retain skills and knowledge gained the previous year. Teachers have distributed materials and/or spoken with students in the following classes with summer assignments: all English classes, HAP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP US History, AP Government and Theology classes.


All English Classes:

2019 Summer Reading Assignment for students entering all grades the English Department: The goal of this year’s summer reading assignment is to help students learn more about their world and to read something that speaks to them.  This year, students will have two components to their summer reading assignment. 

View and print the entire list of assigments for each grade level: here
View and print the 
Summer Reading Contest: here 

AP Language and Composition 2019-2020 school year: The goal of this year’s summer reading assignment is to help students learn more about their world and to read something that speaks to them.  Students will have three components to their summer reading assignment.

View and print the assigment: here (Please note that there are three components, not two.)

AP Literature: Upon your return in the fall, you will be responsible for having read the three required texts and a novel of your choice. You will be writing two essays the week you return. We will also have two Harkness discussions on A Tale for the Time Being.

View the list of novels: here 


HAP Biology: Students are required to read the first three chapters of the textbook and complete the assigments as directed on the link below

View the assigment: here


AP Calculus ABThere will be 8 modules to complete during the summer break. Each module has notes, a video, an assignment, and an answer key. Fully worked out solutions will be due on the first day of classes.       code: 13xa9r


AP U.S. History:  This info is also posted in Google Classroom for the Sophomores that Mr. Dasin met with prior to summer break.

Your job before the start of next year is to read and take notes on Chapters 1 and 2. Your notes can be in any organizational style you want. I want you to be comfortable taking notes, so make them your own, whether it be in Roman Numerals, bullet points, dashes and stars, etc. I check your notes for content not format.  I do suggest using multiple colors to make thing stand out.  Also, look over the Correlation section starting on page xx of the preface. This shows how we are going to align with AP Final Exam for the College Board

We will be taking a pre – test within the first week of class. The pre – test is not counted for correctness, but I want you to try your best so I can see what we need to work on.

Here is the book we will be using next year.
By the People: A History of the United States
Book by James W. Fraser
isbn: 0131366181
isbn13: 9780131366183

Image result for fraser by the people

If you need access to the Google Classroom page, please email Mr. Dasin at


AP Government(Second Semester) Please email Mrs. Biondo with any questions at
In order to prepare for the upcoming semseter of AP Government, you are asked to complete the following assignment. You will be expected to have this ready on the first day of school.

View the assignment: here and here


Theology ClassesThis course is highly recommended by the Theology Department.  Many previous students took the course and enjoyed it.

View the course: here