Parent to Parent

Dear Prospective Regina Family,

Many parents of middle school children struggle with the decision of where to send their children to high school. The list of options is long and varied. As a parent, I am writing this letter to share why I believe Regina High School should be at the top of the list.

When my oldest daughter was an 8th grader we considered several high school options for her, including public school, co-ed Catholic schools, and even another all-girls Catholic school. Part of the decision making process included her making visits to some of these schools. She came home from the other schools, having spent the day, pretty excited. When she came home from her day at Regina, however, she knew where she wanted to attend high school. The statement she made that I remember most clearly was, I just felt so comfortable at Regina, like I belong there. She went on to say how friendly and down to earth everyone was to her that day.

The four years that followed proved to us that we had made the right decision. My daughter flourished at Regina. My husband and I watched her grow into an independent, responsible, caring, young woman. Academically she excelled, earning high grades and testing well enough to be accepted at several universities, including the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where she now attends. Socially, she easily found her place amongst her peers at Regina, inside and outside of the classroom. We were lucky enough to watch her participate in 2 varsity sports, in which she became a leader on the court and field, and where she made what I believe will be long-lasting friendships. Spiritually, she grew in her faith, broadening her knowledge of her Catholic religion, learning the value of community service, and deepening her beliefs in the Goodness of the Lord.

While there were times throughout the four years when I know that she would have liked to have boys in the classroom, she realizes now what an advantage it was to attend an all-girls school. My daughter had always been a straight-A student throughout elementary and middle school, but at times it seemed she almost wanted to hide how smart she was. Once she started at Regina, however, there were no inhibitions about participating in class, about getting the best score on a test, or in admitting that her favorite subject was always math. In fact, she became determined to excel in every way.

As a mother, what I loved the most about having a daughter at Regina, apart from its influence on her, were the friends that she made and would bring to our house. I have never met such a down to earth, responsible, caring, fun loving, group of girls. Through them I began to see that Regina girls learn how to become complete individuals.

I also cherished the many Regina traditions. I would urge every mother and father of a Regina student to participate in as many of these traditions as possible, beginning with the Freshman Mother / Daughter Mass and ending with several lovely ceremonies that take place as graduation nears. Truly, one of the defining things about Regina High School is its traditions. These traditions are instrumental in helping every girl become a part of the Regina family, starting from the very first day of school. When my daughter was a freshman, her Big Sister helped her learn the ropes and made her feel special. Three years later, she became a Big Sister herself, and developed a special relationship with a girl three years her junior, whom she hardly knew at the start of the year. I believe they will always have a special bond. Although Regina High School has physically moved to a new location, the traditions remain intact.

Of course, every Regina girl's favorite tradition is Powderpuff. Whether the team wins or loses the game, it is an experience all members cherish, from the weeks of practice, to the pep-rally, to the game itself. It is something that no girl would ever experience at a co-ed school. It is a senior's crowning moment. Instead of having one girl crowned as the Homecoming Queen, every senior girl is able to be a Powderpuff athlete. I remember how hard my daughter cried when the game was over, not because of the final score, but because it was over. As senior year continued, the bonds that were formed between the girls during Powderpuff season ensured that their final year together would be a memorable one.

There are many high school choices available today. Choosing a Catholic high school education can mean sacrifice. I truly believe that sending our daughter to Regina High School was worth every penny. Watching her graduate last May, I realize that it was actually quite a bargain. Regina gave her a unique, nurturing, learning environment that has left a lasting impression on her, prepared her for college and beyond, and has given her friends and experiences that she will always treasure.

I once again have a daughter in the 8th grade this year. This time, the choice is easy for us; she is going to Regina. Although we know it will be more difficult this time due to the economy and will require even more sacrifice, we have no doubt that the education she will receive and the experiences she will have, will be worth it.

I know this decision takes time and care. You may have more questions about Regina, and there are people there who are excited to answer them. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call. That's what they're there for! Regina High School is definitely a choice deserving of your consideration.


Paula Priemer
Regina High School Parent