Student to Student

Regina High School, a Catholic college preparatory school, has many advantages for its students. Regina's widely-known reputation makes the school an impressive accomplishment to have on your college application. The all-girls' setting is a positive contribution to the pupil's education. Regina's brother school De La Salle, also a single-gender school, unifies with Regina to create a well-balanced and positive environment. Regina High School is a brilliant place for its students and stands by its motto, "Transforming Girls into Women of Faith and Vision in the Franciscan Tradition."

Regina's students have a more positive and rewarding learning experience. With a much smaller environment than most other high schools, classes are smaller which, in turn, allows the students to have more one-on-one time with the teacher for a more productive education. Regina also offers a wide variety of Advanced Placement classes with some of those courses transferring into college credit based on the AP exam. Overall, Regina's education program is top-notch and prepares its students for college.

Regina High School acclaims the quality of being a terrific all-girls place of education. This offers an environment where the girls are faced with fewer distractions in the classroom, giving them a way to focus more clearly. In Regina's safe environment, the girls are not afraid to ask questions and seek extra help from the teachers. The uniforms also add a great contribution because self-image is respected, however, not judged by other students. Regina accepts the natural beauty and intelligence of each separate individual.

The connection Regina has with De La Salle is one to cherish. Regina, being an all-girls school, has many positive attributes. Even though some of the girls do believe they are missing out on things like football games and Homecomings – that is where De La Salle falls into place. They coordinate affairs with one another so missing out on co-ed events isn't an option. For example, each year De La Salle has what is called, the 'freshman dance'. This dance caters to just freshmen as a way to invite girls and boys to intermingle and get to know one another. Sharing buses is also a helpful tool for parents who have students at both Regina and De La Salle. The relationship between both of these schools allows for a great co-ed experience outside of the classroom.

In conclusion, Regina High School is a wonderful environment in which girls grow and prosper into beautiful young women. Along with all of the fundamental activities the school provides, students form a sisterly relationship with one another because of the Catholic values instilled daily. Regina High School is not only a school, but a family, where students grow academically and spiritually, develop long lasting friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Mrs. Sagert's 9th Grade Honors English Class

Written by: Margaret Golia, Brooke Becksvoort and Christie Abiragi