Over the past 50 years, many traditions have developed that are uniquely 'Regina.' In addition to dances, field trips, dramatic productions, and other events, students eagerly anticipate special activities at each grade level.

Freshman Induction
A special mass is held for our incoming freshmen as they are welcomed as the newest members of the Regina High School family.

Transfer Student Breakfast
This event helps to ease the social transition unique to transfer students.  

Big/Little Sister Program
Our incoming freshman (little sisters) are paired with a senior (big sister) to mentor them as they embark upon their high school years. This relationship begins at the Big Sister/Little Sister breakfast and carried on throughout the year as well as years to follow!

Powderpuff Football
Seniors cement their unity by coming together as a team to play our rival, Marian High School, in one game of flag football. The tradition is a whole weekend of celebration from the Powderpuff rally that the entire school participates in to the BIG game and Regina's homecoming.

Spirit Week
This week of festivities hosted by Student Council is a chance for the student body to show their spirit and compete in athletic events with the chance to earn bragging rights!

Sophomore Day
Sophomore’s expand their class identity by choosing class colors, mascot, flower, motto, and song. These identifiers become significant part of their senior year experience throughout Powderpuff and even graduation.

Junior Ring Ceremony
Juniors are honored as upper-classwomen by the presentation of their class rings.

Students show off their talents in our annual show. All look forward to the teacher’s skit that usually steals the show!

Spirit Wear Days
Students support Regina High School by paying one dollar to the scholarship fund and they are allowed to wear a Regina Spirit Wear top and jeans!

Eucharistic and Peer Ministers
Students take on this important role as young, Christian women who guide and mentor others in the Franciscan tradition. Eucharistic Ministers distribute Communion during school masses.