Why would a young woman choose to attend an all-girl school?

A note from President Sister Leanne...

After all, life beyond high school certainly is co-ed. Undoubtedly, young women in our society will be faced with future college, post-graduate, and career experiences that are indeed co-ed, and for this very reason there is an enormous value to be found in an all-girl secondary education. Although it may seem contradictory, the environment provided by an all-girl school can be exactly what a young woman needs in order to face her future with the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed in today's society.

Regina High School strives to provide an environment that empowers young women, encourages their intellectual curiosity, and fosters active participation in their learning process. The individual talents and accomplishments of each young woman are celebrated and the community atmosphere enhances each student's connectedness to their education, teachers, peers, and to the greater community.

How a Regina High School Education can benefit YOU and...

  • Develop more confidence in your academic capabilities!
  • Have an exciting and fulfilling social life!
  • Become a leader!
  • Take risks!
  • Become part of a community!
  • Become well-prepared for college!
  • Save money on school clothes!
  • Discover yourself!

In an all-girl setting, many of the social pressures placed on adolescent girls are removed. This provides an incredibly safe environment where girls can take risks, try new things, and discover for themselves just where their strengths and passions lie.

As an all-girl school, we live a statement made by Professors Myra and David Sadker of the American University:

"When girls go to single-sex schools, they stop being the audience and become the players."

Sister Mary Leanne, SSJ-TOSF
President of Regina High School