School Improvement Plan

The ultimate goal of the school improvement process is to improve teaching and learning. To be successful, the school implements a collaborative and ongoing process for improvement that aligns the functions of the school with the expectations for student learning. Improvement efforts are sustained and the school demonstrates progress in improving student performance and school effectiveness. New improvement efforts are informed by the results of earlier efforts through reflection and assessment of the improvement process.

Since the current accreditation cycle began in 2008, school staff has analyzed data and identified areas of academic concern: mathematics, critical thinking (reading, writing, and data analysis), and general study skills. Committees researched best practice strategies and developed teaching methods and assessments to increase achievement in these areas. The strategies are implemented school-wide and committees continue to monitor and evaluate their effectiveness. This process is the basis for the School Improvement Plan (SIP), an on-going means of enhancing student performance. The SIP is a work-in-progress throughout the accreditation cycle and provides the evidence for meeting Standard 7.