Christian Service: Campus Ministry

We base our philosophy on the person of Jesus Christ and the good news of salvation. We recognize the role of parents as the primary educators of their children and view our efforts as complementary. The development of the whole person is valued and promoted.

SPIRITUAL OPPORTUNITIES: The Chapel is always accessible. Morning prayer, led by the Student Council President, becomes a source of grace and strength to carry on the work of the day. The Campus Minister plans and coordinates religious services and provides opportunities for additional spiritual and personal help. Liturgies are celebrated by a Class or by the entire student body on special occasions and on Holy Days of Obligation. The reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered to the students during the year.

Retreats at Regina High School are a requirement of the Religious Studies program. Small group retreats are conducted and may be on or off campus. All students participate in them during the school year. Helping students to form a good conscience is a primary focus of the Religious Studies and the Campus Ministry programs.

Under the direction and guidance of the Campus Minister, upperclassmen may become Peer Ministers and assist on retreats and other spiritual functions of the Campus Ministry program. Seniors, after a full day training session, become Archdiocesan delegated Eucharistic Ministers and serve the Regina Community.

  • Four years of Religious Studies
  • Christian Service Program
  • Monthly school liturgies
  • Daily school-wide prayer
  • Campus Minister on staff
  • Annual retreats
  • Community Outreach programs

EXTRA-CURRICULAR OPPORTUNITIES: The extra-curricular offerings at Regina High School are numerous and diversified in order for students to explore hidden talents and interests and develop existing abilities that may not be fostered to the fullest in the academic curriculum alone. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one extra-curricular offering. Activities are evaluated yearly and are added or dropped from the program as the interest and participation of the students indicate.

  • Food, clothing, toy, pop can, and blood drives
  • Thanksgiving food drive and prayer service
  • Reception of the Sacrament ofReconciliation
  • Student Eucharistic and Peer Ministers
  • Prayer before team sports
  • School Chapel open to all students

MORAL-SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: The gift of conscience and its maturing process helps people become sensitive to God's purpose for life. We believe that the followers of Jesus Christ have the ability to change themselves and their world for the better. The Bible and Church traditions are two channels that can richly nourish the spiritual lives of the school community. This opportunity for growth is received mainly through prayer, study, reflection, worship, service, and good example.

Retreat Curriculum