Graduation Requirements

The minimum number of credits required to graduate from Regina High School is 27 credits that must include the following:

All students earn one-half (1/2) credit in Theology for each semester in attendance at Regina High School. Likewise, all students are required to earn one-half (1/2) credit in the required Christian Community Service program that is credited to Theology. Christian Community Service cannot be replaced with an additional Theology class.

  • 4 English credits
  • 4 Mathematics credits
  • 3 Social Studies credits
  • 3 Science credits
  • 1 Fine Arts credit
  • 0.5 Theology credit for each semester (1/2 credit must be in Christian Community Service)
  • 0.5 Computers credit
  • 0.5 Health Education credit
  • 0.5 Physical Education credit
  • 4.5+ Electives credits
  • 2 Foreign Language credits

*NOTE - These requirements began with the Class of 2011.