Music Department

Regina High School Music Department

The Music Department at Regina offers a variety of classes for the singer and non-singer alike.  From Music Appreciation, where a broad range of topics, genres and history are covered, to Choral Ensemble, a by-audition-only select group, the student’s knowledge and understanding of this valuable performing art will be enhanced.  As a member of Beginning Concert Choir, a student is introduced to vocal technique, basic music theory and has a chance to perform in the Christmas and Spring Concerts. 

Our Choral Ensemble offers the chance to learn and perform more difficult music, represent Regina throughout the community with a variety of performances, and compete in a high school music competition.  In the past, the Regina Choral Ensemble has traveled to Disneyworld and New York City, with plans to travel to new venues in the future, all in the name of Music Education!

For more information, please email the director, Eleonore Ellero-Groth at