Annual Day of Giving

We hope you will consider making a gift to the 3rd Annual Day of Giving (24/24/24) on Wednesday, April 24th.

There is something deep within each one of us that seeks to make a difference in this world. We feel satisfaction in knowing that someone’s life has been changed and/or made better because of our efforts and our contributions. We are asking you to make a donation to our “Greatest Needs” fund for our Day of Giving. This will allow Regina to use these donations throughout the school year. In the fall, our Science Department will be using a new teaching program called STEMscopes. Our technology requires upgrades, and there are departments asking for financial assistance in their academic areas. 

We can only succeed in our efforts with committed supporters who believe in our mission and we believe that those supporters are YOU!

Thank you for your support!

Click Here to make your gift online on April 24th

Or mail your check to:
Regina High School
Advancement Office
13900 Masonic Blvd.
Warren, MI 48088
586.585.0500 ext. 285