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We can't wait for you to be a Saddlelite! Fill out the application and begin your journey to Regina High School!

All students applying to Regina High School will need to fill out the application as well as take the High School Placement Test. If you have not yet taken the HSPT, please click HERE to register.

If you are applying to multiple Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Detroit, go to the following link:

If you are only applying to Regina High School, you can visit our personal application page:

  1. Create an account on School Admin
  2. Fill out the basic information page
  3. After the basic information page is completed, you may need to log back in. You will then be able to see the other portions of the application that need to be completed.
  4. Complete the remaining portions of the application:
    1. Student Application Form – Complete this form with the information requested.
    2. Transcript Request – Send this form to your grade school. Typically the front office will fill this request, so you would need to enter the administrative assistant’s email. They will see on the form that they will need to send the student’s grades from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade as well as standardized test scores from those years.
    3. Teacher Recommendation Form – All you will need to do to complete this portion is to put in one of your current teachers’ email addresses. The form will be sent to them, and when they complete it the form will be returned to us at Regina.

Click HERE to apply to Regina High School!