Final Exam Dress Code

Exam dress code

Administration is offering Regina students the opportunity to be comfortable for exams.  If you choose to wear your RHS skirt, you must be in complete and proper uniform (skirt, uniform socks, saddles, and regular uniform shirt).  If you choose to be out of uniform for exams on Monday, June 4th through Thursday, June 7th, the following regulations must be observed:

Students MAY Wear:

Nice jeans or khakis (no rips)
Skirts (of an appropriate length), modest dresses, dress slacks, dress capris (NO long basketball shorts or frayed hems)
Athletic pants and sweatpants (finished hems, no rips/holes, no writing)
Appropriate, modest, and neat shirt (no cleavage/bare backs/bellies)
Closed-toe and back shoes (may be worn without socks)
Open-back shoes (must be worn with socks)

Students MAY NOT Wear:

Shorts of any kind (including Bermudas, long basketball shorts, etc.)
Leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, pajama pants, long johns, stretch pants
Any bottoms with writing on the behind
Cut-off sweatpant “capris”
Short skirts, low-rise pants
Sundresses with exposed shoulders or cleavage
Low-neckline (no cleavage!) tops or high-rise (no bellies!)
Tank tops
Sandals (even with socks), flip flops, high heels, slippers
Fishnet stockings
Hats, visors, bandanas
Outdoor jackets or coats

If you are in violation of the regulations, you will receive a referral and may lose the privilege of being out of uniform.  Remember, anything you wear must be within the guidelines and appropriate for a Catholic school.  If you have any questions, see an administrator.  Thank you for your cooperation and Good Luck on Exams!!


WHEN IN DOUBT, CHECK IT OUT!!! Thank you for your cooperation.

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