Senior Congratulatory Yearbook Ads

Senior Congratulatory Yearbook Ads: The deadline for parents to purchase congratulatory ads for their senior daughters in the 2018-19 yearbook is December 1, 2018. Ad Pricing: 1/8 Page = $45 1/4 Page = $100 Half Page = $175 Full Page = $275

All ads must designed and purchased online at
Use Google Chrome for best results!

  1. Click or tap ‘Create an Account’
  2. Find your school
  3. Enter information
  4. Verify e-mail and login
  5. Click or tap ‘Shop My School’
  6. Find your product(s) & ‘Add to Cart’
  7. Enter student information
  8. ‘Add to Cart’ & ‘Check Out’ to complete your purchase!
  9. Head to ‘My Stuff’ to design and submit your masterpiece! 

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