Senior Olivia Pozsgay receives CMU Centralis Scholarship!

Regina High School senior Olivia Pozsgay has been awarded the Centralis Scholarship Gold Award from Central Michigan University. Olivia is one of only 150 students who received full tuition valued at approximately $56,000 and direct admit to the Honors College. Students are selected through participation in a one-day Centralis Scholarship Competition that is conducted each fall on the campus of CMU. In order to even be considered for this prestigious scholarship, Olivia needed to include a personal statement, creative piece and an essay during the on-campus competition.

Olivia holds a 4.25 grade point average and is a member of the National Honor’s Society. She follows the most challenging curriculum at Regina. Her math level is so accelerated that she completed AP Calculus as a junior and is taking an online AP Statistics course.

Olivia is an active member of Regina’s Student Council and is serving as this year’s President. She has eagerly attended the MASC/MAHS Leadership state and regional conferences. Leadership is something that she wants to continue to focus on throughout her time at Central Michigan University and into her professional career.

“Olivia has taken every opportunity at school: drama club, academics, community service, etc. Her outgoing spirit her ability to communicate, her determination, optimism, and authenticity as well as her genuine compassion for others all distinguish her,” Regina counselor Amy Dulgerian said.

She is a very passionate member of the Regina Choral Ensemble, the Regina Players and the De La Salle WAMS programs, appearing in all Regina musicals and plays and many of De La Salle’s.

In addition, she is involved in the Eucharistic and Peer Ministry Groups, STAND (Save The Animals Now From Devastation), SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), RHS Ambassadors, St. Clare Franciscan Society, Campbell Soup Labels, and Free the Children. She was a Junior Class Officer last year and was a contender for Ms. Missions 2017. On top of all of her extra-curricular activities, Olivia volunteers every Sunday at K9 Kindergarten in Shelby Township to care for cats.

Olivia is excited to attend Central Michigan University and plans to major in Communication Disorders with a Minor in Leadership. She would ultimately like to pursue a Master’s in Speech and Language Pathology.

In addition to Central Michigan University, she has also received scholarship offers from Michigan State University, Western University, Wayne State University and Oakland University.

When asked about this accomplishment, Olivia said “I want to thank my family and friends for all of their great support and love and pushing me to grow to the best of my ability.”

Recent Regina graduates, Kelly Frazier ‘17 and Emily Crombez ’15, also received the Centralis Scholarship to Central Michigan University.

Olivia’s friend from De La Salle musicals and plays, Connor Weir, is also a recipient of the Centralis Scholarship this year. Congratulations Connor!