Newly Added Advisory Period

This semester at Regina, we have added an Advisory Period into our day that will occur between 2nd and 3rd period on a daily basis. This 20 minute period replaces the news feed and 5 minutes of lunch time, still giving students 25 minutes to eat. Classes will continue to be 45 minutes long so there will be no lost teaching/learning time. Many schools have incorporated this into their day and we believe that this will be very valuable to our students based on surveys and research. This period has been designated to give students time to work on homework, study, eat snack, talk to a teacher or counselor, take care of business items in the office (QSP, tuition, etc.), as well as time for prepared activities as we see fit. The cell phone policy remains in effect during this time.  This is a pilot program and it will be evaluated and adjusted along the way based on feedback from teachers and students.  It is our hope that the students find this time useful and effective.