Regina High School President to Retire After 45 Years

Re: Sr. Mary Leanne, SSJ-TOSF, Announcement of Retirement and New Role

Dear Friends of Regina High School: 

As you may know, Regina High School is currently engaged in a Strategic Initiative to build an endowment, create a fresh new vision, and develop a leadership succession plan. The theme of the Strategic Initiative is Pride in the Past, Faith In Our Future. The Steering Committee selected this theme because it highlights both the proud tradition of Regina High School, and the exciting plans that the Committee, Faculty, and Staff are implementing to achieve the vision, bolster positive enrollment trends, and prepare Regina to educate the next generation of Saddlelites.

Regina enjoys a proud tradition of strong leadership. For 45 years, Sr. Mary Leanne has served the Regina community as its beloved Principal and, more recently, as its President. Sr. Leanne has dedicated her life to providing young women with an unmatched Catholic education centered in the Franciscan tradition. During a period when many other Catholic schools fell on hard times, Sr. Leanne’s tireless efforts and forward thinking preserved Regina as the leading all-female college preparatory high school in the east Tri-County area. Most importantly, Sr. Leanne has personally touched the lives of thousands of Regina graduates and their families.

After prayerful consideration, Sr. Leanne announced to the Board of Directors on January 15, 2019 that she will retire from her position as Regina’s President, effective July 31, 2019. On that date, she will assume the position of President Emeritus. In that well-deserved role, Sr. Leanne will continue the important work of mentoring students and participating in school events. Until July 31, Sr. Leanne will continue with her current duties as President, supported by Principal Ann Diamond and her capable staff. As part of the succession planning process, the Board has begun to assess which leadership model will best serve Regina over the next 45 years and beyond, and will announce more specific plans as they materialize. It will be impossible to replace Sr. Leanne, but the Board and Principal Diamond pledge to maintain the high bar for leadership that she set for nearly a half-century. 

We wholeheartedly thank Sr. Leanne for her dedication to Regina and will keep her in our prayers as she embarks on this new chapter. With Pride in the Past—and all that Sr. Leanne has accomplished—we look forward to a bright Future at Regina High School.

Joseph G. Pellerito
Chairperson, Board of Directors