Regina SaddleBots at Milford High School FIRST Robotics Tournament


The Regina SaddleBots competed at the Milford High School FIRST Robotics tournament this past weekend. Technical and functional issues plagued the team, relegating them to primarily running legal interference on the field as a defensive contribution for other match teammates.

The team was awarded the Tournament Spirit Award, a judged recognition of their efforts to overcome difficulties while displaying an upbeat team persona at all times. Positive engagement with other teams, inspectors, and judges, along with their wearing of Regina accoutrements, i.e., saddle shoes and skirts, throughout the tournament as a symbol of “sisterhood”, made an impression on the tournament judges.

Regina was one of two all-girls Catholic high schools at Milford, the other being St. Catherine. In 2018, the Saddlebots were judged as a Rookie All-Star team so when the St. Catherine team was likewise recognized at the Milford tournament, the Regina Saddlebots teammates made sure to welcome and congratulate their “sisters in spirit” to that rarified club. We are very proud of our Regina SaddleBots!