Senior Riley Bobowski is a finalist for a Catholic scholarship

Senior Riley Bobowski is one of 50 national finalists for a Fireside Catholic Publishing scholarship. This is Fireside Catholic’s 29th Annual Scholarship Competition and each participant must meet the following criteria in order to receive the scholarship: the student is a graduating senior at Catholic High School within the United States or Canada, a faculty member sponsors the student participant, and the student must compose a 750-word essay, which cannot contain any identifying information about the student, school or its location. Only one student per school is allowed to participate in the competition and the scholarship is awarded based upon the essay they compose titled, “How is your religious education influencing your life?”

Riley explained that her essay consisted of the principles taught in the Catholic faith that have made a vital impression on her life through religious education. Having attended a public grade school before Regina, “The various religion classes provided by Regina High School require me to diverge deeper into my faith and build a set of values that correlate who I am and who I want to be. Every class offers new insight and invigorates my relationship with God. Religious education influences my everyday interactions with others, the media I observe, my maturing character, and the benevolent perspective I have on life.”

Riley currently maintains a 4.17 grade pointe average and has received Scholastic All-Catholic Academic awards each year at Regina. Riley is a peer minister, one of the yearbook editors, and a captain of the varsity soccer and basketball teams having earned Catholic League honors for her athletic performances. She is also currently a member of National Honors Society serving as the secretary on the executive board.

Outside of Regina, Riley’s favorite volunteer work has been with underprivileged students through a program called “Detroit Summer in the City.” She has been able to connect with kids from many backgrounds and serve as a role model for those who aspire to higher education.

As Riley’s Guidance Counselor, Amy Dulgerian described Riley as “an intelligent, determined, confident young woman who has many gifts and talents that she uses to the best of her ability. She is a tremendous ‘A plus’ student, a leader in school and committed to giving back to those who have fewer resources.”

Riley has been accepted to Michigan State University and Oakland University, but plans on attending the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University in pursuit of a nursing degree. Eventually she would like to earn her master’s degree and become a neonatal nurse practitioner.

When asked about the Fireside Catholic scholarship opportunity, she stated, “I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in this scholarship contest and even more excited to be a finalist!” Winners will be announced on April 22nd.