Class Election Information

Class Elections 

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Requirements for elected position: No student is permitted to hold two major offices for a class/club/organization at the same time. Likewise, the same position cannot be held for two consecutive years. The opportunity to demonstrate leadership is thus extended to more students. Students seeking an office follow the same procedures. The exceptions to the following directives are the members of the National Honor Society and the Student Council Executive Board. These students must follow their specific organization’s by-laws. 
In order to run for an elected office, a student must: 

  • Have a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.80 
  • ot have accumulated more than 4 demerits (Juniors/Seniors)
  • Not have accumulated more than 5 demerits (Freshmen/Sophomores)
  • Not have received a 4 demerit referral for that school year
  • Not be on behavior probation
  • Have paid class dues

In order to hold an elected office, a student must: 

  • Maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 2.80
  • Not have accumulated more than 4 demerits for the Junior/Senior school year
  • Not have accumulated more than 5 demerits for the Freshman/Sophomore school year
  • Not have received a 4 demerit referral for that school year 

A student who fails to meet the above standards will be notified by the moderator of dismissal from office. The student may accept the dismissal or petition the Elected Position Appeal Board if there are extenuating or unusual circumstances. 
Election of Officers/Representatives: Elections take place in November for Freshmen and in May for the other three classes. The order for the May election of officers is as follows: Student Council Executive Board, National Honor Society, Class Officers, Club/Organization Officers, and finally Student Council Representatives.   
Class Officers: All Classes have five officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian.  Officers assume much of the responsibility when working to organize Class activities. They also have the duties of honorably representing those whom they serve, building Class unity and spirit, and welcoming new students to their Class. 
Elected Position Appeal Board: This Board convenes only when students have appealed a dismissal due to the most extenuating or unusual circumstances. The Board consists of one permanent member and four rotating members. After notification of dismissal by the moderator, the student has three (3) days to submit a written appeal and give it to her counselor who submits it to the Board. The Appeal Board schedules a meeting to review the appeal and informs the student of the appeal date. The student must appear on the scheduled date. Failure to do so will confirm dismissal. A teacher, parent/guardian, counselor, or Class/club advisor may accompany the student. No student may appeal more than once in a school year. The Elected Position Appeal Board has no jurisdiction over the National Honor Society.