Coronavirus Precautions

We are in a very uncertain time with the pandemic at hand with the spread of the Coronavirus.  We want our Regina family to know that we are being very proactive in terms of protecting students and staff.  Initially, each classroom has been equipped with hand sanitizer, as well as each and every area of the school.  Hand washing is key to stopping the spread of this virus, so we have placed reminders in every bathroom. Additionally, our classrooms are being thoroughly wiped down including the desks,chairs, light switches and door handles on a nightly basis to keep surfaces most touched as clean as possible.

Regina High School continues to be vigilant and proactive.  We have surveyed our staff and students to find out about travel plans as Spring Break nears. It is important for us to understand the potential risk as it pertains to the Regina community.

Know that the safety and health of our faculty and student body is of the utmost importance to us.

We will continue to keep you updated as we monitor the situation.

Here is a document regarding general facts about the virus from the MDHHS. MDHHS General Fact Sheet