March 20, 2020 - Counseling Department Update

Dear Regina Community,

While we cannot meet in person during this time of social distancing, please know that the Counseling Department is here to support students and families.  We miss seeing the students daily and hope everyone is adjusting to the remote learning platforms. If students are having trouble accessing information or contacting their teachers, please let us know ASAP. 

Caseloads by Grade and Last Name:
Mrs. Reda: 9th grade A-Z; 10th & 11th A-M 
Mrs. Dulgerian: 12th grade A-Z; 10th & 11th N-Z

During this time of remote learning the Counseling Department will be available to everyone via email, or if a more in depth conversation is needed, through Google Hangouts. 


Counselors will be monitoring both of their email accounts daily. 
Mrs. Reda can be reached at or
Mrs. Dulgerian can be reached at or 

Google Hangouts:

During our remote learning phase, the Counseling Department will utilize Google Hangout Video Chat for any student or family who needs a virtual appointment. To request a virtual appointment, please email your counselor with the subject line “virtual appointment request.” To help your counselor prepare for the virtual appointment please include in the email a brief description of your needs during the appointment. Additionally, please provide your counselor with a few suggested times you are available. Counselors will be available for virtual appointments Monday-Friday from 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm when remote learning is in session.  


To: Counselor

From: Student or Parent

Subject: Appointment Request

Good morning, Mrs. Last Name,

I really need some help managing the stress of this remote learning. I would like to set up an appointment to talk about it. I can meet Wednesday, anytime between 2 and 3, or Thursday between 9 and 10. Please let me know what works for you. 



Counselors will confirm with the student/parent the appointment time. Then, at the scheduled time, counselors will log on using their saddles account and use Google Hangout to Video Chat. The counselor will initiate the video chat at the agreed upon time. 

Prior to setting up a virtual appointment please make sure you have Google Hangouts installed on your device. See this link for support: Google Hangouts Support


Please note the high likelihood that counselors will be conducting virtual appointments from home. Regina counselors will strive to enforce best practices while working from home, we must also be transparent with the potential limitations of virtual appointments so that all students and parents enter into a virtual counseling session fully informed. 

During remote learning each counselor will establish a dedicated workspace from which to conduct virtual counseling sessions. During this time, counselors may be working from home alongside spouses, children, other family members, and pets of our own. Although counselors will do our best to keep our home work space quiet, distraction free and confidential, we cannot guarantee a 100% confidential workspace, free of minor disruptions during the virtual appointment. Additionally, we ask the Regina community for trust in our Department’s efforts to provide quality services to the best of our ability, understanding that minor disruptions may occur while working from our personal spaces, and collaborative flexibility in navigating such potential complications during virtual counseling sessions. 

During virtual counseling sessions, the Regina Counseling Department will continue to enforce our regular policies concerning student confidentiality, specifically:

Anything that a student shares with a counselor remains confidential between the student and counselor. To legally and ethically best support student safety, exceptions to this practice include: 1) If a student shares that they are at risk of, or are currently being hurt by someone else, 2) If a student shares that they have hurt, or have plans to hurt someone else, and 3) If a student shares that they have hurt, or have plans to hurt themselves. 

If a counselor has concern regarding any of the above mentioned areas of student safety, per information shared during a virtual counseling session or email exchange, that counselor is legally obligated to contact an appropriate adult resource to help ensure the physical and/or emotional safety of said student. Depending on individual circumstances, such appropriate resources may include a parent, guardian, other adult family member, Child Protective Services, or police.

Professional Resources and Referrals

When students present with academic, personal, or mental health needs that exceed the scope of brief, solution focused counseling  provided by school counselors, it is our practice to provide students and families with referrals to appropriate professional services. For a personalized recommendation for specific online academic, personal, or mental health resources, please contact your counselor directly. 


During these times of uncertainty, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to turn. Please refer to the following link for Community Resources: Community Resources 

Free Resource for managing stress and anxiety: 

Again, the Counseling Department is here to support you in any way that we can. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers during the days ahead.

Mrs. Dulgerian and Mrs. Reda