March 20, 2020 - Online Instruction DOES Count

Dear Regina Parents,

Thank you so much for all you have done this week to assist getting your daughter acclimated to her new online learning platform.  I met with my entire staff today via a Zoom meeting and they are so pleased with how the teaching and learning is going thus far. Of course there are a few bumps, as to be expected, but overall, everything is going very well.  This speaks to the work ethic of our staff and students! So proud to be a part of this amazing Regina family.  

I know many of you have seen the reports put out by the Michigan Department of Education regarding online instruction.  Please rest assured that this ruling does NOT pertain to private educational institutions. Our work DOES count and we are moving forward with our plan of continuing our instruction online.

Please see the letter here or below from Superintendent Kevin Kijewski reiterating the fact that our instruction will be counted towards our required instructional hours.

In a time where life is so stressful and beyond our control, know that Regina’s instruction will continue to help keep structure and stability in the daily life of your daughter.

Praying for your safety and health today and always!


Dear Catholic School Administrators, Teachers, and Parents,

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) recently issued a memorandum indicating that online instruction will not count toward instructional hours for public schools.  While this is true for public schools, please know this MDE instruction is not applicable to our 87 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

The administrators and teachers in our Catholic schools have been working diligently and tirelessly this week to prepare and implement distance learning plans for students to be implemented next week.  We believe that it is in our students’ best interest to continue learning and developing skills remotely, even though they are unable to attend school in person.  As Superintendent of Schools, please know our schools in the Archdiocese of Detroit will continue with our distance learning plans and this instructional time will count toward our instructional hours.

I thank all of our teachers, parents, and students for their resiliency and dedication given this developing situation, as they begin distance learning next week with the same dedication and rigor found in the classroom.  Any necessary adjustments to our plans will be communicated proactively and timely.  Please also know the Department of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Detroit will continue to support our school communities during this exceptional time.

Please join Archbishop Vigneron and me in praying for all those impacted by this current crisis and for the protection of all of our communities.

Kevin D. Kijewski, J.D.
Superintendent of Schools