American Red Cross Blood Drive on May 5, 2020

MAY 5, 2020
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Regina High School - Gym

Regina's American Red Cross blood drive is May 5. It is published on the Red Cross site for signup and donors are registering to be life savers. If you are able, please consider being or becoming a donor. Regina remains closed for instructional operations but will be open for blood donations on that day to support critical medical needs. If you are of age and have no health issues preventing blood donation, I encourage you to think about participating. The Red Cross has updated their eligibility protocols for being a donor and you can read the information here. If, after reading and determining your eligibility you wish to donate, please go online today and sign up to be a donor for our drive.

At the drive, COVID-19 precautions will be in effect, as well as other health precautions established by the Red Cross. A Red Cross staff member will screen donors at the door. If cleared to enter, donors then proceed to the check-in table for further instructions. Please review the Red Cross website for the latest donor requirements. If you or others you know qualify, PLEASE CONSIDER this act of love and kindness. Be a life saver. GIVE BLOOD!

NOTE: anyone 16 years of age or older may donate and if not 18 years of age on May 5 must have a completed/signed official Red Cross parental consent form.


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