Freshman Reminders

Hello everyone,

We are busy preparing for the arrival of our newest Saddelites! We can’t wait to greet them and want to make your and your daughter’s transition to Regina as smooth as possible.  A few reminders to aid in the transition: 
    1.    August 17, 2020-Picture Day. This picture will serve as her ID photo. Students in grades 9-11 must wear a Regina polo shirt (blue or white) for the photo.  Skirts and saddles are not necessary as this is only a headshot.  
        a.    8:00-8:45 am-Freshmen with last names A-M (Blue Team)
        b.    8:45 am-9:30 am-Freshmen with last names N-Z (White Team)
        c.    Students who have a sibling in grade 10-12 may come at their sisters assigned time or their sister may come with them during the Freshmen time 
    2.    August 19, 2020-We will be hosting a Zoom meeting the evening, to answer any questions you may have. To make the meeting run as smoothly as possible, please email your questions to before Tuesday, August 18, so we can be prepared to assist you.                   More information and the link to the meeting will come next week.
   3.    August 20-8:00 am-noon- Freshman Fun Day. We will welcome the class of 2024 to Regina!
      a.    Students are asked to wear their class of 2024 shirt, jeans a mask and tennis shoes-no shorts may be worn. If you cannot find your daughters class of 2024 shirt please email Alison Schaaf as soon as possible. Her email is
      b.    Each girl is asked to bring a small bag or purse (to carry her belongings around with her) a water bottle, a small snack (please no peanuts), and art supplies for our service project with her.
          i.    No books are necessary this day-please leave them at home.
          ii.    Art supplies- Markers, color pencils or crayons-they do not need anything fancy just a few of whatever they prefer to work on our class service project.
          iii.    We will provide your daughter with a copy of her schedule this day.
      c.    Drop off for this day ONLY will be in the circle drive.
  4.    August 21, 2020-9th and 10th grade Orientation-please see complete schedule on page 7 of the return to school plan.
      a.    Blue Team-7:50am-11:30am
      b.    White Team-10:45am-2:25pm
      c.    Blue Team=A Team, Last Names A-M
      d.    White Team=B Team, Last Names N-Z
  5.    August 25-First Day for all Blue Team (A Team) in school, White team (B Team) Remote.
  6.    August 26-First Day for all White Team (B Team) in school, Blue Team (A Team) Remote.
  7.    The complete return to school plan with a more detailed calendar can be found here:
  8.    If you have not done so already, please join my Remind Group.
     a.    If you have not used Remind, this is a free app that you can receive messages through the app or have them sent directly to your phone. To access please download the Remind App on your phone or other device. If you do not have an account create one. Then request to join class-              RHS 2024 Parents and then the class code @24h34e. You can also text 81010 and in the message @24h34e to gain access. If you have trouble gaining access please let me know. 
  9.    Last week you should have received a message from Tom Judd regarding our School Messenger (it is extremely important that you set up your account so you can receive all important school messages). If you did not get set up with this system or are having any trouble setting up                 your account please contact Tom 
  10.    We are aware that school uniforms are still on back order. Until they arrive please have your daughter wear her Regina polo with dress pants or a skirt (no jeans or shorts) and her saddle shoes. 
      a.    Polo’s can be purchased through the Regina Saddle Shop. 
  11.    Today, I sent out a google form to your daughters saddle account. Please have her check her email and fill this form out ASAP. Here is the link should she need it but please have your daughter fill it out.             
  12.    Please see the attached map for daily parking/drop off procedures.
  13.    Due to Governor Whitmer’s mandate no outside visitors will be allowed into the building. This include parents. 
     a.    If you need to pick up your daughter early please call the school attendance desk and your daughter will be sent out to you. 
  14.    During the first week of school we will help your daughter set up her PowerSchool account (more information to come for parent accounts).
  15.    We will be assigning Big Sister/Little Sisters within the first couple weeks of school. Girls will be given forms to fill out and will have the opportunity to request a senior if they have someone they want to be their sister. We do our very best to match all requests. We will encourage girls               to pick seniors on their team so they can see them throughout the day. 
  16.    Temperatures will be taken and recorded daily. Should your daughter have a fever or display any COVID symptoms you will be contact immediately to come get her from school and what the next steps are. 

We are so excited to welcome you and your daughter to the Regina family. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,
Mary Reda
586-585-0500 x227 

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