School Re-Opening FAQ

This information has been prepared to answer questions asked in relation to Regina High School’s Re-Opening Plan.  We will host a Zoom meeting next Wednesday (link to be provided next week) but wanted to get the most pressing questions answered.  You are certainly welcome to send follow-up questions to, and we will continue to update with answers. We continue to assess and evaluate the situation and follow all directives and orders set forth by the Governor’s Return to School Task Force, as well as the Archdiocese of Detroit.  We understand that this is an overwhelming and unprecedented time for everyone involved.  Please know that we, at Regina, are dedicated and committed to delivering the highest quality  instruction while doing our part to maintain safety for all students and staff.  We are in this together and we definitely Saddlelite Strong regardless of the obstacles and challenges ahead.  We ask for your prayers, your patience, and your support as we enter this school year.

COVID Related Questions:

  1.  What about an elevated temperature, do you recheck or do students need to go home? If her temperature is elevated does she come back the next day? 

Temperature screening that shows a fever of 100 degrees or higher will be taken again to confirm an elevated temperature.  Anyone with a fever will be sent home and asked to remain home until fever free for 24 hours.

  1.  If students, faculty, or staff test positive, how will you, or do you, plan to notify parents, students etc.? Are you prepared if there is a super spread situation at school?

We will work in conjunction with the Macomb Health Department and Archdiocese of Detroit and will follow the protocol as described in Return to School Toolkit.  The document is posted on our website as well as be found here at malph-covid-19_return_to_school_toolkit.pdf

  1. If there is no regular testing, how will administrators/teachers or students know if the building is contaminated or if people are infected?

As long as there are active cases of COVID-19 in our community, there will be no way to prevent all risks of COVID_19 spread in schools.  The goal is to keep the risk as low as possible and keep our school as safe as possible for our staff and students.  We are following all of the state mandated protocols and procedures, as well as the strongly recommended guidelines, to do our best to stop the spread of the virus at Regina.  Both the CDC and the Health Department do not currently recommend universal screenings and testing to be done at this time.


Online Learning Questions:

  1. If someone elects to do fully online can she change her mind?

We understand how difficult the decision is to decide an all virtual experience as opposed to the hybrid or face-to-face instruction.  Students who elect online and discover it is not working will be able to come back to school once a conversation has been had with the counselor and instructional specialist to ensure the transition is seamless for the student and teachers.

  1. The plan seems to indicate that if someone needs to miss due to Covid or non covid illness, she can participate online. How will that work? What if her class is on a hybrid schedule?

At this time, all classes are on a hybrid schedule.  What this means is that students will be actively engaged DAILY whether in the classroom or learning from home.  Students at home are expected to sign in to their classes from the Zoom links that will be provided by the classroom teachers for every hour they are scheduled to be in class.  The student will be learning from home at the exact same time that they will be learning in the classroom when they are physically present.  Should a student be sick, and if they are able, they can sign in to the Zoom links for each course so they will not miss any instruction.  

  1. Is there a difference in tuition costs for fully online classes?

Tuition remains the same for online and in person instruction.  Students will get the same education from their teacher whether remote or in school and will have access to all support services.  Online students will have the extra support of our instructional specialist in addition to the classroom teachers to ensure they have everything they need to be successful.

  1. Are masks required? 

Masks are mandated per the governor’s orders for all staff and students.  We understand this is an adjustment for everyone.  We are beginning with half days for this reason as we acclimate ourselves to this new normal.  Teachers will be able take students outside for fresh air, where students can remove masks as they stay socially distant from one another. 

  1. If a student is remote on a particular day and either has a loss of power at home or no internet access that day, what do they do? Who at Regina do they need to notify that they have no remote connectivity? Can they appear in-person at school that day?

We understand that issues will arise with technology and connectivity.  Technology can be reliably unreliable at times.  We ask that students and/or parents contact the teacher via email or phone message to let him or her know of the issue.  We will work together so that students will not be penalized for technology issues beyond their control.

In-School Learning/Daily Routines Questions:

  1.  Do students wear full uniforms on orientation and shortened schedule days?

Students are expected to be in uniform for Orientation day as well as all school days.  Freshmen and transfer students who have not received their uniform skirts may wear their polo shirt with any pants, skirts,  or sweatpants (different than what was previously reported).  Please do not worry over what the bottoms look like as long as they are not shorts.  

  1.  Once full days begin, are the classes one day at school one day at home? 

We are committed to the hybrid model once full days start after Labor Day with the teams rotating in and out (one day in, one day remote, etc) at this time.  We will continue to assess and evaluate the situation and take directives from the Governor and the Archdiocese of Detroit.

  1.  When will lunch resume? 

Lunch resumes after Labor Day, beginning on September 8, 2020.  We still encourage students to bring a bag lunch when possible but pre-packaged items will be available in the Cafeteria.  At this time, the use of vending machines and microwaves are suspended.

  1. Are there any school or grade level traditions, special activities, extracurriculars, or classes which have been canceled, modified, or postponed due to Covid that normally happen in the fall or winter?

The Safe To Return to School Plan does not allow for school wide assemblies unless you are a religious school that has mass.  We will have mass in the gym and follow the Archdiocese guidelines that have been instituted for weekly masses at the parishes within the diocese. 

Activities such as Powderpuff, Junior Ring Ceremony, Freshmen Welcome Party, Mother-Daughter Mass and Breakfast have been postponed to the springtime due to the order in which no visitors are allowed in our building.

  1. How does orientation work? Is it an orientation for each class?

On Orientation day, students will run through their schedule and meet with each class and teacher to receive class procedures and syllabus.  The meeting time in the middle of the day is a school overview of expectations. 

  1. Will there be printing or hard copies to turn in, or just online?

Teachers will list their requirements in their class procedures and make students aware of course expectations.  All teachers will be using Google Classroom as their main platform where class information will be stored.

  1. Will they use lockers? If so, what about the social distancing on lockers?

At this time, lockers are not able to be used.  Students are allowed a backpack with the items they need.  Teachers are aware of this and will be mindful by letting students know what they need so they are not carrying unnecessary items.

Sports bags will be stored in the gym due to the order of no usage of locker rooms at this time.

  1. I see only a certain number of girls attend school on teams.  Does this allow a low number to be in the classrooms at a time?

The hybrid model ensures that there will be no more than 15 girls in a classroom at any time.  All rooms have been configured to allow 6 ft. of space around each desk to provide social distancing.  A few courses, where more than 15 girls are here from one team, will be taught in the Black Box and Cafeteria to provide adequate spacing between the teacher and students. 

  1. How many masks/shields will the girls receive?

Each student will be provided with one Regina mask that is washable. Students are allowed to wear their own mask as well, as long as it is school appropriate with no messages on them.  Shields are only allowed if they are worn in conjunction with a mask and will not be provided.

  1. What team is A and what team is B?

Team A = Blue Team (Last names A - M)

Team B = White Team (Last names N - Z)

    Counseling Questions:

  1. Will my daughter have help with college research, applications and financial aid?  

Counselors are committed to providing support for students’ social-emotional needs, academic progress and college and career planning.  The counselors will offer a hybrid program including one-on-one meetings, classroom education, info-sessions regarding career and college, as well as virtual check-ins.  The goal is to stay in communication with the students in order to meet all their needs. In addition to email, parents and students will have the ability to interact with counselors via Zoom, Google Voice (text and phone), as well as in person.


  1. Are counselors available for appointments if my daughter has problems transitioning to the new school year?

Counselors are always available for emergency/crisis counseling.  For academic concerns, planning and other needs, students can request appointments through the Virtual Counselor Request Form posted (below) and on Google Classroom.



  1. I see tryouts--will there actually be games or a season for sports?

Try-outs have begun for fall sports.  Gyms are not allowed to be used at this time and we are awaiting word from the MHSSA on rules for competition, spectators, etc.