Spirit Wear Days are scheduled once a month, usually the first Friday.  Students may wear “spirit” tops with their uniform skirts, regulation school socks, and saddle shoes at no cost.  Spirit shirts include team jerseys, class shirts or sweatshirts, club tops, and other sanctioned items that say “Regina” or “RHS.”  The outermost layer must be the spirit wear top. 

If you are donating $2.00 to the Financial Aid Fund, you may be out-of-uniform, but the regulations below must be observed.  If you violate the dress code, you receive a referral and lose out-of-uniform privileges.  All clothing choices must be within these guidelines and appropriate for school.  If you choose to wear your RHS skirt, you must be in complete and proper uniform (skirt, uniform socks, saddles, and spirit top or regular uniform shirt).  Donating to the Financial Aid Fund does not excuse you from wearing your saddles and school socks if you are wearing your uniform skirt.

        Students MAY Wear:
        Nice jeans or khakis (NO RIPS or skintight pants)
        Skirts (of an appropriate length), dress slacks, dress capris (no frayed hems)
        Athletic pants and sweatpants (finished hems, no rips/holes, no writing –  except “RHS” or “Regina”)
        Appropriate, modest, and neat spirit wear shirt (nothing homemade)
        Closed-toe and back shoes (may be worn without socks) 
        Open-back shoes (must be worn with socks)

        Students MAY NOT Wear:
        Shorts of any kind (including Bermudas, long basketball shorts, etc.)
        Cut-off sweatpant “capris”
        Leggings, yoga pants, stretch pants, pajama pants, long johns
        Any bottoms with writing on the behind
        Short skirts, low-rise pants
        High-rise (no bellies!) or low-neckline (no cleavage!) shirts
        Tank tops
        Sandals (even with socks)    
        Flip flops, high heels, slippers
        Fishnet stockings
        Hats, visors, bandanas
        Outdoor jackets or coats

WHEN IN DOUBT, CHECK IT OUT!!! Thank you for your cooperation.