March Plaidness Giving Challenge

Alumnae March Plaidness Giving Challenge: May the Best Plaid Win!

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in the March Plaidness Giving Challenge! 

Given everything our world is going through right now, it has been inspiring to see so many Regina Alumnae come together to help our community. We had 35 classes and 160 alumnae participate to bring our grand total to $10,145.00, which exceeds last year's total by over $800. It proved that we Saddlelites are fierce competitors and we will come together to support something that will always hold a special place in our hearts, Regina High School. 

Congratulations to both 1978 and 1989 for their dedication throughout the entire tournament. Not only did they have the highest donation amounts, they also had the highest class participation - 1978 had 31 people donate on their behalf, and 1989 had 23! The Class of 1989 brought in a total amount of $1,935.00. However, the Class of 1978 claimed the title once again when they brought in a total of $1,425.00, JUST IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP ALONE! Their total donation amount was $3,985.00.

We are grateful that from this challenge we are able to assist students so they may experience the Regina tradition as well as those affected by the coronavirus. While we continued with the challenge, we focused on those in need, especially during this difficult time, which holds so much uncertainty. The funds raised in this challenge are being dedicated to the Gleaners Community Food Bank. More than 300,000 children in Michigan rely on free and reduce-priced meals at school, and now they are going without. Gleaners is hosting drive-up food distributions to ensure these children and their families have access to nutritious food. The funds will also go to Regina families who are demonstrating financial need, especially during this unprecedented time.

We have said the last two weeks, "May the Best Plaid Win!" For the second year in a row, the Class of 1978 is the best plaid! That is, until next year... ;)

To view a complete list of participating classes and their donations from both the 2019 and 2020 Giving Challenges, click here

Thank you for supporting Regina High School! Once a Saddlelite, Always a Saddlelite!

May God continue to watch over you and your loved ones!!



Emily Frikken `09

Alumnae Relations Director & Advancement Manager