March Madness Giving Challenge

Alumnae March Madness Giving Challenge: May the Best Plaid Win!

Competition Total after Round 1: $2,010.75

Competition Total after Round 2: $3,632.75

Competition Total after Round 3: $4,907.75

Competition Total after Round 4: $6,222.75

Competition Total: $9,277.75


Thank you AGAIN to everyone who has donated! Our grand total has exceeded every expectation! What a great first competition and a wonderful way to help the young women who want to receive a Regina education.

Congratulations to both 1978 and 2005 for their dedication throughout the entire tournament. Not only did they have the highest amounts, they also had the highest class participation - 1978 had 40 people donate on their behalf, and 2005 had 44! 1978 sealed the victory when they brought in a total of $2,455, JUST IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP ALONE! Their total donation amount was $4,007.

We have said the last two weeks, "May the Best Plaid Win!" This year the Class of 1978 is the best plaid! That is, until next year... ;)


Emily Frikken `09

Alumnae Coordinator & Advancement Associate