Career and College Timeline

2016-17 Guidance Office College/Career Planning Events:

     September 21, 2016 - College Night for parents of Juniors and Seniors 7:00pm

          March 16, 2017 - Utica Community Schools Career Expo 2017  7 - 9pm

          March 29, 2017 -  Next Steps: Countdown to College  (school day event)


AP Class Criteria



  • With counselor, create a high school curriculum to satisfy college and career goals           
  • Take PSAT 8/9- at Regina High School



  • Update high school curriculum to satisfy college and career goals with counselor
  • Research colleges and financing –
  • Further develop Career Cruising EDP – include extracurricular activities, community service, honors and awards
  • Take PSAT- at Regina High School



  • Check RHS News Brief emails for college related information – every week, all year
  • Update Career Cruising EDP focusing on college planning – all year


  • Take PSAT/NMSQT® – at Regina High School (all students preregistered)
  • Meet with college representatives during school visits; visit for a list of outside college fairs and information sessions
  • Parents attend Junior/Senior parent College Night with counselors
  • Research more colleges, financing, gather information via college fairs, internet, and college rep. visits to Regina High School

       Early Spring

  • Register for ACT or SAT test prep
  • Register for the SAT® (optional)/SAT Subject Tests™ (check if your college requires) and/or ACT at outside test sites

       Late Spring

  • Take the SAT® (optional)/SAT Subject Tests™ (check if your college requires); Retake the ACT® (optional) – at outside test sites
  • Narrow the number of choices of colleges; review admissions requirements
  • Start campus visits during spring break or summer
  • Prepare personal profile summary for applications that require them
  • Begin looking for local scholarship opportunities



  • Check RHS News Brief emails for college related information – every week, all year


  • Review college applications online, including the Common App at highly selective schools (required at U of M)
  • Make appointments with admissions/financial aid offices and visit colleges
  • Consult internet for scholarship information –, and local contacts, etc.
  • Using the EDP as a starting point, create a resume/activities sheet to provide for college and scholarship opportunities


  • Register for electronic transcript submission at
  • Attend college open houses and college rep. visits in early fall, obtain information on housing, scholarships
  • Apply to chosen colleges by their deadlines (know early action/notification deadlines and regular deadlines)
  • Submit completed college applications online
  • Retake the ACT®/SAT® if necessary – at outside test sites
  • Attend financial aid, for college meeting at school – with parents
  • File FAFSA as soon after October 1 as possible; if necessary, attend College Goal Sunday for free FAFSA assistance (


  • Return the housing application and fee to reserve a residence hall room at selected college
  • Maintain record of any and all scholarship offers from all schools


  • By May 1 – notify the college of choice when your final selection is made; also notify counseling office so they can send final transcript electronically
  • Report all offers of scholarships via Honors Convocation Questionnaire form provided by Guidance Office