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This Scholarship Opportunities link contains a list of college scholarships that may be available to Regina students.  If you have any questions about a scholarship or your eligibility, please see your counselor.

Remember to be cautious of any organization that promises access to scholarships for a fee – legitimate scholarships are available, without cost, to anyone who qualifies.

Additional Scholarship Websites
More scholarships can be found at, a FREE scholarship search engine.

A comprehensive directory of merit scholarships and academic scholarships from colleges across the country can be located at  Students need to create an account to use this service.

Find scholarships, other financial aid and internships from more than 2,200 programs, totaling nearly $6 billion.  Enter as much information as possible to find the most matches at .

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Michigan Competitive Scholarship Information - for the Class of 2017

  • The Michigan Competitive Scholarship program is available to students demonstrating both financial need and merit
  • Applicants must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1, 2017 to receive priority consideration. 
  • Starting with the Class of 2017, students must achieve a qualifying score of at least 1200 on the SAT (ACT scores will not be considered). 
  • The award pays up to $636 per academic year at a Michigan public college or university or up to a maximum of $1830 per academic year at a Michigan independent college or university. 
  • Students must provide their Social Security number to Michigan’s department of Student Scholarships and Grants (SSG) by phone during your senior year in high school.   
  • Click here for the Michigan Competitive Scholarship Fact Sheet.
  • For more information visit, call toll free 1-888-447-2687 or email


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