Regina High School

Job Summary for Instructional Specialist

The individual tasked with the position of Instructional Support Specialist at Regina High School is responsible for providing academic, social, and behavioral interventions and accommodations to the students within the Special Accommodation Plan (SAP), collaborating with parents and teachers about student performance, and implementing educational best practices based on content specific instructional goals in order to meet the individualized needs of students in a variety of academic content areas. 


  • Oversee and facilitate students with a variety of diagnosed learning differences 
  • Implement specific interventions and accommodations to students within the SAP, working directly with classroom teachers  
  • Apply educational best practices within a variety of academic contexts and with a diverse student population 
  • Work with both the administrative team and the counseling staff to ensure the students’ needs are being met
  • Coordinate services with the special education staff from Warren Consolidated Schools
  • Assist with Admissions Director during registration process for qualifying SAP students
  • Communicate consistently with teachers and parents regarding individual student needs 


  •  Bachelor’s degree in Special Education required 
  •  Master’s degree in Special Education preferred 
  •  Knowledge of how to utilize educational best practices in order to support students in basic algebra, high-school grammar, and essay writing 
  • Knowledge of Google Drive preferred 
  • Excellent communication skills  


Please send all inquiries to:
Ann Diamond

Or apply at