Spiritual Retreats


At Regina High School, all students are required to participate in retreats as part of the Religious Studies program.  The retreat program is developed and implemented by the Campus Minister in conjunction with the curriculum of the Religious Studies department. 

FRESHMAN RETREATS:  The focus is on establishing new friendships, developing a sense of self-worth, learning to appreciate the gifts and talents that God has given to each person, and realizing that you are a unique individual and a marvelous creation of God in this great universe.  There is time for prayer and reflection, thanksgiving, meeting new classmates, sharing thoughts and feelings, and playful, creative activities which are both fun and meaningful.  A special video production is made which is used on the senior retreat.  The Freshman Retreat helps us begin the school year and the Regina experience on a positive spiritual foundation.  This retreat is held on campus.  The “Called to Protect” program developed by the Archdiocese of Detroit is held during the morning session on retreat day.

SOPHOMORE RETREATS:  The focus of the off-campus Sophomore Retreat centers around prayer, faith growth, personal growth, and the continued development of Christian values and morals associated with the character development of young women.  Moral issues are discussed and prayed about.  The use of paper cut-out figures, puzzle pieces, and other symbols are used to develop awareness of self-growth and personal values.  Continued prayer time, Christian service outreach, and expanded friendships are encouraged on this retreat day.

JUNIOR RETREATS:  The Junior Retreat is formulated and designed to allow students to experience Christian Outreach with a hands-on approach in this ministry.  The students learn, study, pray, and interact with Christian lay ministers in their dealings with the poor, homeless, elderly, sick, hungry, and oppressed.  Based on their personal gifts and interests, students sign up to serve meals in a soup kitchen, teach young students, adopt a senior citizen for a day, or cook meals and sort clothes for the needy.  One retreat opportunity even allows students to learn about our Christian responsibility in caring for our planet and all God’s creatures.  Junior retreat options include soup kitchens, Montessori schools, senior citizen facilities, and the Detroit Zoological Society.  The Junior Retreat experience incorporates prayer, faith in action, and our call to service as Christians.

SENIOR RETREATS:  Seniors have two retreat options: an overnight retreat held at St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center or a one-day retreat conducted at a local parish facility.  The Senior Retreat is a time of shared prayer, giving thanks, to God, and asking God for blessings upon their future journey.  Goals are discussed and memories are shared.  We look back and give thanks for growth and change, as well as sharing hopes and dreams for the future.  We look at how we’ve changed through a look back at the special videotape made during the Freshman Retreat.  Activities include writing a carefully thought out senior letter about goal, making clay symbols representing how God has shaped our lives, participating in a special class liturgy, and spending some valuable hours sharing with one another and with guest youth ministers.  It is a memorable and faith-filled experience.