Student News

NDIA Grant to Robotics

The Regina Robotics Team recently received a grant in the amount of five hundred dollars from the Michigan Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association. The NDIA supports STEM initiatives in schools and offers scholarships for students who enroll in college-level STEM programs. STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math - is an umbrella term describing activities that focus on improving students’ capabilities in the four subject areas indicated.

The grant will go towards the purchase of additional robotics equipment and parts for the team to employ during build sessions and tournaments. The NDIA sponsors scholarships for college-bound students who major in engineering or other select fields of study.

Their website offers more information and can be found by clicking the link:

Students at Regina High School stay involved inside and outside of the school. Here are some articles, photos and events that have taken place so far over this 2012-2013 school year. 

History Class

 These are pictures of ships made by students in Mrs. Portnova's Honors World History and Geography classes. Students were studying the Age of Exploration 1400-1700.

Spirit Week : 90's Nickolodean

Congratulations to Student Council for another successful Spirit Week. Nicklelodean was this year's themes and the school was decorated from top to bottom with its four teams. The games were close but came out the winners. Great job STUCO on an exciting week!

St. Clare Franciscan Society makes the news!

The Poverello, the official publication of the St. Bonaventure Secular Franciscan Fraternity in Detroit, featured the St. Clare Franciscan Society along with the club's Moderator Mr. Hank Forys, who is a candidate of the Fraternity, in their November issue (on the cover).  The name Poverello means “little poor man,” an affectionate term for St. Francis. This is the largest Secular Franciscan fraternity in the Detroit area. Click here to read the article.