Saddlelite Sweeps




Regina High School families, alumnae, parents of alumnae and friends all rally together for our annual school-wide Saddlelite Sweepstakes Raffle. In the past we have raised over $100,000 an amount that is vital to our 2017-2018 operating budget. This is an important fundraiser for the Regina Community.

Each family will receive $250.00 raffle tickets (10 booklets) for one daughter and $350.00 raffle tickets (14 booklets) for two or more daughters. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each or a booklet of five tickets are $25.00

If you would like to purchase raffle tickets, or have questions, please contact Cindy Corey, Advancement Director, 586.585.0500 ext. 285 or email


  • Drawings January 2018 through May 2018
  • 25 Chances to win $17,000 in cash prizes
  • 7 Major Cash Prizes


January 9, 2018                   (1) $2,500 (1) $250  (1) $200 (2) $100 cash prizes

 Amount: $100.00       Ticket Number: 01716      Winner: Matt Zuzga       Seller: Lauren Zuzga
 Amount: $100.00        Ticket Number: 04087       Winner: J. Kirouac    Seller: Delaney Hart
 Amount: $200.00     Ticket Number: 90689    Winner: Amy Kravitz    Seller: Julia Kravitz
 Amount: $250.00     Ticket Number: 15393    Winner: Barbara Van Hove    Seller: Self
 Amount: $2,500.00     Ticket Number: 27201    Winner: Kevin Vogel    


February 13, 2018                               (1) $1,500 (1) $250 (3) $100 cash prizes

 Amount: $100.00       Ticket Number: 13396      Winner: Susan Bresky      Seller: Lauren Bresky
 Amount: $100.00        Ticket Number: 22990       Winner: Catherine Wilson    Seller: Self
 Amount: $100.00     Ticket Number: 04082   Winner: D. Hart    Seller: Delaney Hart
 Amount: $250.00     Ticket Number: 13545    Winner: K. Alba    Seller: Sophia Alba
 Amount: $1,500.00     Ticket Number: 24980    Winner: Nicole LaBut    Seller: Beth Labut  


March 13, 2018                         (1) $1,500 (1) $250 (3) $100 cash prizes

 Amount: $100.00       Ticket Number: 5845      Winner: Ruth Ann Paterson      Seller: Chloe Scott
 Amount: $100.00        Ticket Number: 16374      Winner: Mary Lou Kalb    Seller: Mary Lou Kalb
 Amount: $100.00     Ticket Number: 12266   Winner: Gwen Rasned    Seller: Carly Kolassa
 Amount: $250.00     Ticket Number:03361    Winner: Ronald Manoviec    Seller: Nicole Manoviec
 Amount: $1,500.00     Ticket Number: 11323    Winner: Steven Ploucha    Seller: Olivia Ploucha  


April 10, 2018                            (1) $2,000 (1) $250 (3) $100 cash prizes

 Amount: $100.00       Ticket Number: 24382      Winner: Lisa Ruggirello    Seller: Ruggirello
 Amount: $100.00        Ticket Number: 05637      Winner: Ryan Gillespie    Seller:
 Amount: $100.00     Ticket Number: 12092   Winner: Mark VanBerkum    Seller: Josie VanBerkum
 Amount: $250.00     Ticket Number: 00057    Winner: Mark Majewski    Seller: Ireland Majewski
 Amount: $2,000.00     Ticket Number: 14865    Winner: Linda Ballard    Seller:  Amount: Julia Colpaert


May 8, 2018                         (1) $5,000 (2) $1,000  (2) $100 cash prizes

Amount: $100.00       Ticket Number: 03283      Winner: David Menard    Seller: Danielle Menard
 Amount: $100.00        Ticket Number: 12338      Winner: Sharon Kroll    Seller: Sharon Kroll
 Amount: $1,000.00     Ticket Number: 16537   Winner: Cessily Bell    Seller: n/a
 Amount: $1,000.00     Ticket Number: 15699    Winner: Renee LaCrosse    Seller: Renee LaCrosse
 Amount: $5,000.00     Ticket Number: 23023    Winner: Lisa Pogue    Seller:  Amount: Lisa Pogue


All drawings will be held at 10:00 a.m. in the RHS Advancement Office located at 13900 Masonic Blvd., Warren MI 48088 in Macomb County. Drawing dates are on the back of each ticket and on the RHS website at Prizes will be drawn and awarded in the order that is listed on the back of the ticket. All winners of cash prizes will be notified by a phone call or mail within a week of each drawing. Names of winners may be found on Regina’s website.

If you have any questions about the Saddlelite Sweepstakes Raffle, please contact Cindy Corey, Advancement Director at 586.585.0500 ext 285 or at